Merioneth Yacht Club


General Safety Regulations for all Water Activities


  1. Appropriate Buoyancy Aids MUST be worn by all participants at all times when on the Water.

  2. Your Canoe/Kayak must be in a seaworthy condition and fitted with a Spray Deck if appropriate. The Mawddach Estuary is an Open Water Estuary and conditions can be quite demanding if the weather changes for the worse - especially on the return leg from Penmaenpool-Barmouth, when a wind against tide situation usually developes.

  3. Your equipment and skills should be suitable for the Activity. You should be able to judge the conditions and changes in conditions, and have a plan to control this.

  4. All Participants UNDER 16 years must be accompanied at all times during an Event, by an Adult who is responsible for these Minors.

  5. All Participants must be suitably clothed & equiped to deal with changeable weather conditions.

  6. All Participants must be able to swim wearing their paddling clothing.

  7. Carrying a whistle is recommended.

  8. All Paddlers must follow the route and passage under the main wide arch of hte Barmouth Railway Bridge.

  9. The main Estuary Area above the Railway Bridge is not often used by Powered Craft, but Paddlers need to be aware of their Rights to use the Ski Area marked by Yellow Buoys between the Railway Bridge and the Clock Tower.

  10. It is essential that all Paddlers at the end of their respective Events - and especially if they Retire - Report their Name and Event No. to a Boat Marshall and/or ring Race Control on 07867854798. This will avoid unnecessary searching for "Lost Paddlers".

  11. Prior to the Start on the Day, if you or member of your Group, feels unhappy to enter their Event due to prevailing weather conditions, then they may request a Refund of their Entry Fee.

  12. Should any Event be cancelled by the Organisers due to unfavourable weather conditions, then your Entry Fee will be classed as a Donation to our Charities.

  13. All Paddlers must keep a good lookout for underwater obstructions at all times.

  14. At the rquest of the Harbourmaster, Paddlers are asked NOT to pass through or paddle upstream of the wooden Toll Bridge at Penmaenpool adjacent to the George 111 Hotel.

  15. Safety on the Water is our Concern but your Responsibility. Enjoy your Paddling